Sister Clara Mohammed


The Clara Mohammed School of New York is part of a national school system of Clara Mohammed Schools, developed under the leadership of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, to meet educational needs of Muslim and Non-Muslim children alike. Clara Mohammed Schools are established in the United States and abroad. It is a not-for-profit, co-educational school open to all students regardless of race, culture or national origin.


The Clara Mohammed School is named in honor of the late Sister Clara Mohammed, who is the wife of the late Honorable Elijah Mohammed and mother of Imam W. Deen Mohammed.


Sister Clara Mohammed was a pioneer of alternative education and helped to establish in 1937, one of the first Islamic schools in America. The school, formerly known as the University of Islam, evolved from an institution established by the humble efforts of concerned parents, interested believers and a few educators, to one administered by highly educated teachers and professors.


Clara Mohammed School


 Masjid Malcolm Shabazz History


The New Clara Mohammed School (CMS) will have two  campus sites; grades Pre-K – 3rd will attend the campus located on 102 West 116th Street in New York City, in the Harlem, at the historic Masjid Malcolm Shabazz and grades 4th – 8th attend the campus located in Randolph, Virginia at the Ali Rashed Continuing Education site. The student capacity is approximately 100 at the New York site and 240 capacity at the Virginia site.


Academic instruction is provided for students in grades Pre-K through 9th.  The schools are  registered with the New York State and Virginia State Education Department (Private School Act)  and offers curriculum that meets the New York State and Virginia State Education Department's Learning Standards.  The Clara Mohammed School has been in existence for over 25 years and is currently reconstructing its' full-time academic curriculum.


Currently, classes in reading, writing, mathematics, and test-taking skills are conducted at the Literacy Academy of the Clara Mohammed School. It is staffed by volunteer teachers and tutors concerned with recent NYS standardized test results and the overall need for improvement in fundamental learning skills and techniques of the children in the Harlem community.


From September 1996 to June 2002, Clara Mohammed School was involved with Columbia University's Institute for Learning Technologies Eiffel Project: New York's City's small schools partnership technology Learning Challenge Abstract.

      HEAP (Harlem Environment Access Project) in the summer of 1995 The Clara       Mohammed School along with the Empowerment Zone Coordination Unit located in Manhattan, engaged in a national networking program through the Environment Defense Fund (E.D.F.). This program allows the usage of technology for the research in the area of environment protection.


From June 1993 to present, the Clara Mohammed School is one of the many sites utilized by The New York City Division for Youth's Summer Youth and Entrepreneur Program.

















































Clara Mohammed School Philosophy


Imam W. Deem Mohammed      


   ”I mentioned recently during an  interview...I mentioned that the curriculum….education...needs to focus on the natural world order and the human mind relationship to that natural world  order.”

                                                          First Sunday Address, April 9, 2006


We believe that the common essence of the human being is the cornerstone of    society. The educational environment of our school reflects this central them of education, while at the same time, give independent treatment to the multi-cultural history and peculiar circumstances of African Americans, the majority of the ethnic population in our school.


We provide a nurturing educational environment that encourages the growth of the excellent nature that G-d has created in each human being.


Our school goals are as follows:

¨ To instill in the consciousness of each student a sense of family, community, national and global responsibility in daily life.

¨ To inspire a wholesome appreciation for the value of religion in human life.

¨ To develop skills and values that will prepare the student for intellectual challenges for further study and will enable the individual to be a productive contributing member of the society.

¨ To address the concerns of society and provide grassroots solutions to the problems that plague our community.


Our school’s warm, informal setting will generate a caring, trusting

atmosphere, which unites students and staff in a harmonious relationship dignified by mutual respect.


 He who serves Humanity serves G-d.  He who serves the children serves both.” 

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